Design is a concept that as a customer you should not need to worry about; but we include it here as we believe that it should be at the forefront of successful software development. There is no substitute for good design.


Design in the computing world is a difficult concept to understand, but let's look at a simplified analogy.

You decide to build a house. Do you buy some bricks and mortar, start laying them and decide which rooms you're going to include as you go?

Of course not, you work to an architects plan, a design, and a time line. And computing is no different. At Rookpoint we already know the type of house that we're building before we even think about putting up a wall.


"Agile" development is a concept that has gained huge popularity in recent years, however there's nothing magic or mysterious involved. It is basic common sense.

Here is the Agile Manifesto. Simple isn't it?

In summary; Design and develop a small part of an overall project with the Business Users as an inherent part of the process. Deliver this part of the working software and ensure that the Business Users start using it. Iteratively build and deliver more of the overall project, refining the solution as it proceeds.

Rookpoint has been advocating this approach since we were formed, but then it was generally called "prototyping".