Half of all website interaction is through a non-desktop device. Be it a tablet, a smart phone or "Wearable Technology", we are moving toward a much more mobile world.


Rookpoint provides two main options for deploying your information to a mobile device.

HTML5 Responsive Theme

This is the concept of a single website that will display correctly on any device.

If you are using a full-screen browser on your desktop, then minimise the browser window that you are currently using to view this website. As you make the window smaller and smaller, the web page adjusts to the window size. This is the idea behind a responsive theme. Create a single web site/Application that can be viewed anywhere.

Desktop/Mobile/Tablet specific

Create a separate user experience for every device that will be used to view your information.

This gives you individual control over the specific device that is displaying your information, however it does mean that separate Applications and/or web sites must be built for each targetted device.